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Wireless charging will soon usher in three years of golden growth 时间:【2018-08-21】 共阅【3192】次 【打印】【返回

Since 2015, Apple, Samsung and others have launched smart terminals with wireless charging capabilities. Is wireless charging really mature? We believe that this is beyond doubt. The electromagnetic induction charging, represented by the Qi standard, has matured. The technical chip of PCB has also been cracked. 

    2、In the 2016-2019 year, consumer electronics wireless charging has ushered in gold for three years. 

    Qi standard in 2016 will promote 9W and 15W charging schemes, the speed of which is comparable to cable fast charging, and with the continuous decline in terminal costs, we believe that its outbreak point is approaching. On the other hand, the attitudes of end-users can also confirm this trend. We believe that the coming year will witness the mushrooming of wireless charging terminals, and the launch equipment will follow the discharge. The wireless charging market is expected to grow from $2 billion in 2015 to $11 billion in 2019, with penetration rising from 7% to 60%. 

    3、Shenzhen Jinhui Electronics Co., Ltd. Electric vehicle relay consumer electronics, building a wireless charging next blue sea. 

    With the growth of consumer electronics gold, the growth of electric vehicles will open another blue sea of wireless charging. We believe that electromagnetic induction will be the mainstream solution of electric vehicles wireless charging. The influx of traditional car factories, ICT giants and start-ups can also confirm our judgment about the growth period of the industry. 

    4、Investment Logic: Among the domestic listed companies that are optimistic about modules, material elasticity and excellent business model, we are optimistic about the modular manufacturing target of Lixun Precision and Shuibeide. In addition, the information-based communication of upstream materials and circuitous electronics also have greater potential elasticity, which will benefit fully from the wave of wireless charging. In addition, Evtran, which has a stake in Wan'an Technologies, provides Tesla with a wireless charging base, and is expected to promote it in China.

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