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The difference and advantage of ceramic circuit board 时间:【2018-08-21】 共阅【3310】次 【打印】【返回

In recent years, ceramic circuit boards (PCBs) have become one of the most recognized PCB products for consumers by virtue of their superior performance and superior product capability. With the more comprehensive market competition mechanism, the competition between ceramic circuit boards and ordinary circuit boards is becoming more and more fierce. These two products have great performance and many other aspects. What is the difference between ceramic circuit board and ordinary circuit board?

1.The basic performance of the product is different.

Nowadays, the ordinary PCB produced on the market has attracted many consumers with its stable performance in long-term use. However, the cost of the ordinary PCB produced by the traditional process is higher, and the performance of the product can also meet the basic needs of life. Ceramic PCB is in favor of high-precision requirements. Ceramic circuit boards with better performance and reputation have higher precision, superior hardware and performance, and better welding performance with better strength.

2.The scope of application is different.

Common common circuit boards can be used in family and commercial life, but in the actual product design has a greater limitation, and ceramic circuit boards are more widely used, one-sided and two-sided ceramic circuit boards can be produced, so the use of this product can complete the perfect power supply operation. Ceramic circuit boards can be customized to meet different precision requirements in the production of products, and the product uses more advanced metallization technology ceramic circuit boards have stronger performance, this advantage has greatly enhanced its scope of application.

Ordinary circuit boards with the optimization and upgrading of technology to make more superior conductivity, so that the design of metal layer and ceramic bonding strength higher, so the use of ceramic circuit boards with better stability. Ceramic circuit boards are bound to have their advantages in the development of breaking through the original circuit board design obstacles, so that ceramic circuit boards become one of the indispensable products in China's electronic industry.

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