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Detailed design and production of Multilayer PCB 时间:【2018-08-21】 共阅【3188】次 【打印】【返回

1 Schematic design

Now there are a lot of development boards, evaluation boards, schematic design is not very difficult things (this is for DSP system boards or other types of system boards analog circuit east or very time-consuming), but it is recommended to make the smallest system board that is the core version, which can save money, said far. For the schematic diagram, it is suggested to adopt modular design method, similar circuits or functional modules put together, with good readability.

2 Planning circuit boards:

That is where you want to design the circuit board, size, board structure, original packaging and installation methods. It is suggested that the original parts should be bought back before drawing the circuit board, printing out whether the 1:1 package of components can be welded, and the heat dissipation of some of the original parts.

3 Loading network reports

Importing PCB, this part is very simple.

4 Layout and adjustment of original parts

This part can be very different from the double deck, but we should pay attention to the original core. Of course, it can also be double-sided layout of the original; for the clock to be close to the CPU, oscillation circuit as far as possible away from the antenna and other vulnerable areas. The grounding pad must be placed under the crystal oscillator. For the same type of power supply as close together as possible, this can be a good power division, and so on, the details will be discussed later. After the layout is good, you can print it to see if it is reasonable.

5 The definition of the middle layer.

The number of layers in the circuit is chosen by empirical formula, and the inner layer's line is negative logic.

6 Wiring rules setting and wiring, optimizing wiring.

After wiring, check the integrity of the wiring, do not let the fly line exist, then run DRC.

7 For external interfaces, it is best to have text descriptions for easy interactive use.

After the first design, it is best to look at the board and check the problem. After all, it is not a pediatrics department.

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